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This is a space for any general comments about the subject, themes and questions raised by the book. This is different to the Community Forum as it’s mainly aimed at educators and pupils. Please feel free to add your comments, observations, findings and further questions.

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  1. heather watts says:

    I looked at a copy of MythsFactsFeelings at Horfield Library. I think it is a good publication. I have not explored your website yet, but it would be good if the content of the book was replicated online. It could then be used with larger groups for discussion maybe with the aid of a whiteboard or projector.

    • bristol2007 says:

      Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your comments. Glad you like the book and found it useful. The site needs a lot of work, however we are exploring ways that we can replicate and build on the content online.

      We also aim for it to be a place where dialogue and support could happen.

  2. mythsfactsfeelings says:

    This is a new comment made with Intense Debate comments…lets see how this works x

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